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EU Commission pushes for facilitation of postings during corona
On 30 March 2020, the Commission published Guidelines for maintaining the free movement of workers during the COVID 19 pandemic.
"Valuable help for companies and employees"
The EU Commission has published recommendations on cross-border activities to ensure the free movement of workers during the Corona crisis.
EU Commission´s recommendations on the free movement of goods
After numerous Member States have closed their national borders in recent weeks, the EU Commission is now launching an initiative to protect the Internal Market.
Strengthening export credit insurance in the corona crisis
VDMA demands that State credit insurers must be allowed to resume operations if the private market fails. Private export credit insurances are in particular relevant for the European business of the mechanical engineering industry.
Use of the Economic Stabilization Fund and short-time working
"Can I take advantage of the emergency aid proposed by Germany´s Federal Government in the Economic Stabilization Fund?" This question is currently being asked in particular by many mechanical engineering companies that have been struggling with declining orders for some time.
Business as usual? The Green Deal in times of Corona
Two weeks ago Green Deal were the words on everyone’s lips in Brussels. With COVID 19 forcing a sudden change in situation, lockdowns enforced across Europe, new pattern of daily life for individuals and the industry. VDMA asks what is left of the Commission’s flagship “Green Deal” plan?
EU Commission presents ambitious Circular Economy Action Plan
Under the motto "closing the loop", the EU Commission has presented its new, Circular Economy Action Plan. It includes much more than saving resources and implementing recycling.
Circular Economy needs innovation and clear concepts
Durability, reuse, repair and recycling of products: The EU Commission's Action Plan on Circular Economy advocates the circular reuse and further processing of raw materials and products.
“EU industrial strategy must not forget markets and SMEs”
Green, digital and fit for the world market: this is the path the EU Commission wants to take European industry down. Too much state intervention would be the wrong way to go.
"Climate law lacks international dimension"
The EU Commission has published a proposal for a European climate law and defined climate neutrality in it. VDMA welcomes the definition, but misses an international dimension in the climate law.


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Holger Kunze: Brexit – And now?
Holger Kunze, Head of VDMA European Office Brussels, explains, what will change after Brexit and talks about the importance of Great Britain for the German mechanical engineering industry.