A launch event organised by the BMBF this week presented how the almost 100 billion euros of the EU R&I programme will be used. There will be also funding opportunities for mechanical engineering.
Dialogue platform, lighthouse and cooperation partner of the EU Commission: anyone who wants to engage in research on production topics in Europe cannot avoid the "European Factories of the Future Association".
With two proposals for a Regulation, the EU-Commission is entering the next round of its battle with platform operators: while the "Digital Markets Act" is intended to limit the market power of large service providers, the "Digital Services Act" wants to regulate how platforms deal with content.
The new EU research framework program "Horizon Europe" will most likely include again a public-private partnership on the topic of production. On the research agenda of "Made in Europe" are classic themes such as Industry 4.0 and future production processes, but also hot topics such as circular economy, artificial intelligence and climate protection.
How can the change towards a sustainable economy be successful? How can prosperity be secured at the same time? And above all, what technologies and innovations are needed to achieve this? The industrial research conference "IndTech2020" looked for answers on 27 October. On board: Dr. Eric Maiser, Head of Future Business at VDMA.
In an open letter, the European Technology Platform "Manufuture" calls upon policy makers to give the production sector more consideration in the "Next Generation EU"-recovery plan: The reasoning: Innovative production technologies not only create jobs, but are also essential for a sustainable and resilient economy.
Under the chairmanship of German federal minister of education and research, Anja Karliczek, the EU Competitiveness Council has made an important step towards the next EU Research Framework Programme and adopted a "general approach". This paves the way for finalising negotiations with the EU Parliament with a view to a punctual start at the beginning of 2021.
AI in industry now needs no further regulation, but rather an objective handling of the risks.
VDMA has submitted its response to the EU-Commission's consultation on a European data strategy: VDMA supports the Commission's aim to focus on a new EU data strategy.
The European Commission's Directorate-General for Research wants to support the production sector in adapting and digitising production lines. To this end, the EU Commission has announced two calls for proposals for this week (week 21).
Green, digital and fit for the world market: this is the path the EU Commission wants to take European industry down. Too much state intervention would be the wrong way to go.
Europe wants to play the leading role in the development of artificial intelligence (AI).
Special rules governing the use of artificial intelligence in high-risk applications, and adjustments to existing legislation: two ways in which the European Commission aims to create the appropriate legal framework for AI in Europe.
The European Parliament's Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO) today discussed artificial intelligence (AI) at its first meeting of the new year.
Europe’s R&I-community meets in Brussels to discuss the role of Research & Innovation for a sustainable and prosperous Europe - and also its implications for companies.
A recent report shows policymakers the way to a better future with useful AI applications, but without excesses such as the all-round monitoring of citizens.
With the new research framework programme from 2021 to 2027, funding might be distributed according to the watering can principle. However, a targeted programme for key technologies would be important.
The mechanical engineering industry is worried that the new EU research programme "Horizon Europe" is weakening the role of industry in European research policy
The EU Commission proposes a substantial increase in research and development expenditure for the budget for the financial period 2021 to 2027.
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