Circular economy is an opportunity for Europe - and industry

Environmental policy and economic prosperity are not opposites. However, product regulation must not overburden companies.

"Fight against bureaucracy must go on"

Regulation at European level also benefits the export-driven mechanical engineering sector. However, the EU must prevent unnecessary burdens on businesses.

"Ethics debate about AI must differentiate"

The mechanical engineering industry sees the guidelines of the EU expert group on the use of AI as an important contribution in the public debate, but warns against drawing red lines too early.

EU presents scenarios on a more sustainable Europe by 2030

The European Commission regards environmental and social standards as an essential part of its economic policy. This offers opportunities for mechanical engineering companies - but also the danger...

EU Commission promotes new industrial policy goals

At the "Industry Day" in Brussels, Commission President Juncker focused on criteria such as climate and consumer protection.

"We must talk not only about our Europe's values, but also our interests"

At the European Political Reception at the Hannover Messe, former Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel demanded more common efforts in Europe - and called to strengthen pro-European forces in the...

"Businesses need clarity on Brexit"

By extending the deadline for Britain's withdrawal, the EU is showing a sense of responsibility. Nevertheless, the mechanical engineering industry hopes that the Brexit drama will soon come to...

Go Vote - Maschinenbau wählt Europa

Go Vote – engineering industry votes for Europe What kind of Europe do we want to live in in the future? It’s a question that affects all of us – and the European elections from 23 to...

Contacts in Brussels

With the European Office, the VDMA and its experts represent the mechanical engineering in Brussels. Do you have any inquiries or comments? Give us a call or send us an e-mail.
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