"Treaty of Aachen must be more than symbolic politics"

Germany and France want to work more closely together politically. From the point of view of the VDMA, a first step in this direction would be to simplify the posting of workers.

EU needs an objective debate on ethics and Artificial Intelligence

Also the EU Parliament is intensively discussing how the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be politically addressed. On 14th January, the European Parliament's Industry Committee will...

EU Member States pave the way for new regulation on electric motors

The mechanical engineering industry supports the new electric motor regulation EU Member States approved on 14 January 2019. However, the VDMA reminds that untapped potential lies in a system...

EU’s plan for AI paves the European way, but overlooks industrial potential

The EU-Commission convincingly underpins its ambition to coordinate efforts in Europe with the “Coordinated plan for Artificial Intelligence”. However, the VDMA demands a clearer focus on...

"The result of the UN Climate Conference is too hesitant"

At the conference in Katowice, the international community agreed on a common rulebook for the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

EU agrees on framework for cyber security certificates

The EU Parliament, Member States and the European Commission have agreed on the so-called "Cybersecurity Act".

Contacts in Brussels

With the European Office, the VDMA and its experts represent the mechanical engineering in Brussels. Do you have any inquiries or comments? Give us a call or send us an e-mail.

VDMA: Good progress on the circular economy

Europe’s Ministers of the Environment have confirmed their goal of creating a waste-free economy in Europe. The mechanical engineering industry plays a key role in this undertaking.

New EU legislation on waste not an example of better legislation

The standard has been raised for the waste industry across Europe with the legislation package definitively adopted on 18 April 2018.
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