VDMA urges in open letter to facilitate posting of workers

The joint letter signed by several associations explains the bureaucratic hurdles, for example, through different reporting obligations in the various EU states.

EU Commission adopts new ecodesign requirements

Products such as refrigerators, electric motors or welding equipment are in future subject to new requirements for example concerning energy efficiency.

VDMA promotes free trade in talks with EU parliamentarians

The association urges progress regarding topics such as WTO reform, bilateral trade agreements and dealing with China and the USA.

EU Member States call for a more ambitious circular economy

At their meeting on 4 October, the environment ministers of the EU member states adopted conclusions on "More circularity - Transition to a sustainable society".

"Brexit chaos can hopefully be avoided"

There is new hope for the European mechanical engineering industry that the hard Brexit can be prevented. In the long term, the industry supports a trade agreement with the United Kingdom.

"Don’t play ping-pong games with tariffs!"

The US has announced punitive tariffs on European products in response to Airbus subsidies. The VDMA calls for constructive solutions.

EU Circular Economy needs cross-sector actions

At the EU Circular Economy Conference in Helsinki, EU lawmakers and industry representatives discussed technologies and policy options which could accelerate the transition towards a circular and...

"Climate and environment benefit from trade agreements"

Dialogue is better than isolation: In Brussels, the VDMA promotes international cooperation in trade and climate policy.

"EU Commission leaves companies in the lurch concerning posting of workers"

Posting workers to other EU countries is currently associated with disproportionate bureaucracy. In a recent report, the Commission ignores the problem.

Industry develops solutions for improved use of plastics

With the declaration of the Circular Plastic Alliance, the EU is taking an important step towards more recycling in Europe.

MEP Liese and VDMA member company discuss how to facilitate posting of workers

The meeting at the HF Mixing Group was about, among other things, how rules for the posting of skilled workers within the EU can be simplified for industrial companies.

Manufacturing Research: EU must invest where it makes impact

Europe’s R&I-community meets in Brussels to discuss the role of Research & Innovation for a sustainable and prosperous Europe - and also its implications for companies.

"Von der Leyen sets the right priorities"

In addition to the topics of digitisation, climate policy and a stable economy, the new EU Commission also wants to focus more on reducing bureaucracy.

Contacts in Brussels

With the European Office, the VDMA and its experts represent the mechanical engineering in Brussels. Do you have any inquiries or comments? Give us a call or send us an e-mail.
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