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Against the background of EU Commission President Juncker’s state of the European Union speech, VDMA Executive Director Thilo Brodtmann calls for reforms for a strong Europe.
British plans are a first step - but customs union is necessary
VDMA Managing Director Thilo Brodtmann comments on Theresa May's joint position for the Brexit.
VDMA: Ecodesign has a future
For more than ten years, the Ecodesign Directive has ensured uniform environmental standards for products in Europe. MEPs have now agreed to stick to this instrument.
Cybersecurity: VDMA warns against quick fixes in EU certification
In September, the European Commission will present a European IT-security framework. In the opinion of VDMA, this initiative is necessary but must take into account the special requirements of industry.

VDMA European Office reports from Brussels

The European Parliament has approved a resolution on the implementation of the EU Plastics Strategy with the aim of increasing the recycling rate in the EU.
The EU is currently negotiating greater control over investment from China. At an event in Brussels, representatives of the mechanical engineering sector argued in favour of market opening in China rather than investment barriers in Europe.
The European Parliament’s Internal Market Committee has approved a new framework for the conformity and enforcement of product legislation, paving the way for better monitoring of the internal market.
The mechanical engineering industry hopes for an agreement between the EU and Great Britain in the Brexit talks. An EU withdrawal without a follow-up agreement would have negative consequences for the industry.
ZVEI and VDMA call for European approach to cyber security. However, the EU proposal for third-party certification is only a pseudo-solution.
Europe’s Ministers of the Environment have confirmed their goal of creating a waste-free economy in Europe. The mechanical engineering industry plays a key role in this undertaking.
At a workshop in Brussels, representatives from industry, politics and civil society spoke about the potential of AI in industry - and the possible need for action at European level.
The mechanical engineering industry is worried that the new EU research programme "Horizon Europe" is weakening the role of industry in European research policy
The European Commission has classified the Machinery Directive as fit for purpose - even in times of digitalization.
The EU Commission proposes a substantial increase in research and development expenditure for the budget for the financial period 2021 to 2027.
VDMA considers the latest communication by the European Commission on artificial intelligence as balanced, but it warns that the debate that will now start needs to stay focused on facts.
On the 8th EU Policy Reception, hosted by VDMA and Deutsche Messe, Michel Barnier has given European mechanical engineers a clear warning to prepare now for the UK’s exit from the EU.
The Regulation “concerning the respect for private life and the protection of personal data in electronic communications”, also known as the E-Privacy Regulation, is currently being discussed at European level.
The standard has been raised for the waste industry across Europe with the legislation package definitively adopted on 18 April 2018.
The Chief Negotiator of the European Commission will give insight into the Brexit negotiations on 23 April.
The mechanical engineering industry benefits from investment from abroad. VDMA therefore rejects the proposal to expand European investment controls that is currently under discussion by the European Parliament.
The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU will create new barriers to trade. VDMA is in favour of a customs union with the UK to keep the impact as low as possible.
The EU is working on a uniform European sales law, but the mechanical engineering industry will probably remain largely unaffected.
The European Commission is proposing a Europe-wide framework for IT security. VDMA warns that some of the planned actions would have a negative impact on industry.
The European Parliament has approved the planned reform of emissions trading in Europe. VDMA considers that a stable allowance price is in the economy’s best interests.
Politics must not pass the responsibility for counterterrorism and protection of human rights to companies, warns VDMA.
The EU hopes to reduce or entirely do away with plastic waste in Europe. In view of VDMA, this initiative can indeed help leverage existing potentials.
Sales in mechanical engineering sector surpass EUR 220 billion mark for the first time in 2017- Increase in sales to more than EUR 230 billion expected for 2018
Trade talks between the EU and the UK will start in early 2018. VDMA warns that both sides need to avoid a hard Brexit without an agreement on future relations.
The EU seeks to ensure fair competitive conditions are in place for cross-border trading. However, VDMA warns that its latest plans will rather harm its own industry.
The EU calls for more consistency in the protection of intellectual property rights across all member states. However, the greatest proportion of product piracy cases originates outside Europe.
VDMA is launching a new statistics sheet with both extra- and intra-EU-trade-data.
The German mechanical engineering sector supports an ambitious climate protection program, however, this can only be accomplished with global action.
VDMA views with cautious optimism the fact that the remaining EU Member States are willing to start preparations to negotiate the future trading relationship between the EU and UK.
The EU has reached a compromise in negotiations to protect against Chinese dumping. European companies will finally be able to plan reliably if the proposal before the WTO is accepted.
After the speech by the French President on the Future of Europe, the debate on a reform of the EU needs to gather pace in the Member States.
VDMA takes a positive view of the efforts by the European Commission to find a common approach to IT security. Nonetheless, industry warns against costly certification that would offer buyers only the appearance of security.
The engineering industry gave a basically positive assessment of the European Commission's new industrial strategy. However, now the industry is expecting more than symbolic politics.
To celebrate its 125-year anniversary, VDMA discussed the future of European industry with representatives from the EU institutions at an evening reception in Brussels.
After the disappointing outcome of the latest round of Brexit negotiations, the mechanical engineering association VDMA is worried about an urgently needed agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom.
VDMA celebrates its 125 anniversary with an evening reception in Brussels on 5 September.
Europe has found itself with a great opportunity to promote free trade with partner countries authoritatively. The mechanical engineering industry is appealing to the EU and its member states to take advantage of this opportunity and ensure European prosperity for decades to come.
Several EU states are pressing for control of investments at European level. VDMA warns against making Europe an unattractive location for foreign investors.
VDMA gathered representatives from the worlds of politics and the economy in Brussels to coincide with the start of the Brexit negotiations. Their unanimous view was that the UK’s exit from the EU would not be a success for anyone.
To coincide with the visit by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to Brussels, VDMA is calling for the investment agreement between the EU and China to be concluded soon.
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