European policy must also make its contribution do ensure that industry can meet its current challenges.
In two new position papers, the VDMA outlines the opportunities, challenges and necessary legal framework conditions of the circular economy.
The European Commission regards environmental and social standards as an essential part of its economic policy. This offers opportunities for mechanical engineering companies - but also the danger of additional requirements.
The European Parliament has approved a resolution on the implementation of the EU Plastics Strategy with the aim of increasing the recycling rate in the EU.
For more than ten years, the Ecodesign Directive has ensured uniform environmental standards for products in Europe. MEPs have now agreed to stick to this instrument.
The EU hopes to reduce or entirely do away with plastic waste in Europe. In view of VDMA, this initiative can indeed help leverage existing potentials.
VDMA welcomes the proposal on ensuring that functional equipment is not turned into electronic waste prematurely.
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