EU Commission encourages companies to prepare for hard Brexit
A chaotic exit from the EU by the UK is currently more likely than ever. In that case, industry faces disruptions of trade flows and supply chains.
Mechanical engineering supports EU demand for faster broadband expansion in Germany
The European Commission sees the lack of fast Internet connections as a brake, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.
"Against a divided Europe"
The European elections have shown: Citizens want a strong EU and a Europe based on partnership. The EU now needs to move forward on key issues such as digitisation and climate change.
Companies need to plan for hard Brexit
The resignation of Prime Minister May makes a chaotic Brexit more likely than ever. Businesses should take urgent precautions.
Digitisation and climate - Europe must not let up
European policy must also make its contribution do ensure that industry can meet its current challenges.
"Fight against bureaucracy must go on"
Regulation at European level also benefits the export-driven mechanical engineering sector. However, the EU must prevent unnecessary burdens on businesses.
"The commitment to the EU must be followed by concrete initiatives"
Only in a strong European Union will Europe and European industry meet the challenges of the future. From the point of view of the VDMA, it is important that the member states once again made a clear commitment to cooperation at the summit in Sibiu before the European elections.
"Europe must speak with one voice in world trade"
In the long term, German and European mechanical engineering companies can only thrive in a strong EU in global competition. This makes it all the more important to strengthen the European Parliament in the forthcoming European elections with a broad legitimacy: "Go Vote - Engineering industry votes for Europe".
VDMA calls for participation in European elections
Just in time for the start of the European election campaign, the VDMA is launching its initiative "Go Vote - Engineering industry votes for Europe". With this initiative, the Association calls on its members and their staff to take part in the European elections on 26 May 2019.
New Market Surveillance Regulation adopted
The European Parliament adopted the new Market Surveillance Regulation in its plenary session on 17 April. Online trading should be better captured.


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