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VDMA’s Executive Director Thilo Brodtmann takes over Orgalime Chairmanship

Thilo Brodtmann, VDMA`s Executive Director, takes further responsibility to strengthen the interests of industry at European level.

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New hope, but uncertainties remain

In the view of VDMA, latest progress made in the negotiations on the UK's withdrawal from the EU are positive. However, it is too early to give the all-clear sign.

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"Italy's budget plans are an alarm signal for the European industry"

VDMA Executive Director Thilo Brodtmann supports the reaction of the EU Commission on the dispute over Italy's budget plans.

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VDMA’s Executive Director Thilo Brodtmann takes over Orgal...
New hope, but uncertainties remain
"Italy's budget plans are an alarm signal for th...
VDMA European Office reports from Brussels

European Parliament bolsters Digital Single European Market: “Free Flow of Data”

04.10.2018 Europe has moved a small but important step closer to the Digital Single European Market: on 4 October, the European Parliament adopted its report on a Regulation for the free movement of non-personal data.

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Mechanical engineering shows EU-Parliamentarian Dennis Radtke practical effects of the Posting of Workers Directive

01.10.2018 The very far-reaching requirements for the posting of workers to other EU countries make it increasingly difficult for German mechanical engineering companies to do business within the EU Single Market.

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“Plastics need to be given a value”

13.09.2018 The European Parliament has approved a resolution on the implementation of the EU Plastics Strategy with the aim of increasing the recycling rate in the EU.

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VDMA and EU discuss how to deal with investment from China

07.09.2018 The EU is currently negotiating greater control over investment from China. At an event in Brussels, representatives of the mechanical engineering sector argued in favour of market opening in China rather than investment barriers in Europe.

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EU creates conditions for more effective market surveillance

05.09.2018 The European Parliament’s Internal Market Committee has approved a new framework for the conformity and enforcement of product legislation, paving the way for better monitoring of the internal market.

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