"EU and Mercosur send a strong signal against protectionism."
After 20 years of negotiations, EU and Mercosur agree on a free trade agreement. The potential for mechanical engineering in these South American countries is large.
EU paves way for Artificial Intelligence in Europe
A recent report shows policymakers the way to a better future with useful AI applications, but without excesses such as the all-round monitoring of citizens.
"Free trade with Vietnam is a sign against protectionism"
The free trade agreement between the EU and Vietnam includes the almost complete abolition of all customs duties.
EU industrial policy: „Don’t forget about the hidden champions!”
German and French politicians openly advocate an active industrial policy. At a workshop in Brussels, the VDMA now warned that the EU must also take into account the needs of SMEs.
Guidelines for reporting on climate-related information
The EU Commission has published guidelines for reporting on climate-related information, which in practice consist of a new addition to the existing non-financial reporting guidelines, which continue to apply.
EU Commission encourages companies to prepare for hard Brexit
A chaotic exit from the EU by the UK is currently more likely than ever. In that case, industry faces disruptions of trade flows and supply chains.
Mechanical engineering supports EU demand for faster broadband expansion in Germany
The European Commission sees the lack of fast Internet connections as a brake, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.
"Against a divided Europe"
The European elections have shown: Citizens want a strong EU and a Europe based on partnership. The EU now needs to move forward on key issues such as digitisation and climate change.
Companies need to plan for hard Brexit
The resignation of Prime Minister May makes a chaotic Brexit more likely than ever. Businesses should take urgent precautions.
Digitisation and climate - Europe must not let up
European policy must also make its contribution do ensure that industry can meet its current challenges.


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