Cz. 13.08.2020  10:00 - 10:20 hrs.

Web-Seminar: Simulation of oil flows in gearboxes

Evaluation and optimization of oil flows in transmissions using a novel SPH CFD simulation approach.

The oil distribution in gearboxes is extremely complex and depends on various boundary conditions. For example, the lubrication of all relevant components must be ensured and friction must be minimized at the same time. Currently, the investigation and evaluation of the oil distribution is carried out by means of complex tests and accompanied by numerical simulations based on the finite volume approach. However, this numerical method is only applicable to a very limited extent for the task at hand due to the approach based on computational grids.
With the implicit SPH approach, a completely new computational grid-free simulation approach is now available. Its strengths lie in the very efficient and fast model generation, very short computation times and a very realistic result presentation.

In the context of the web seminar the advantages will be presented and demonstrated with concrete examples.

Jens Cornelis, Managing Director FIFTY2

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